Take your customers on a 360 virtual tour of your business

360 Virtual tours are the new normal

What seemed novel has now become necessary to keep operations running.

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Take your customers on a 360 virtual tour of your business.

360 Virtual tours are the new normal. What seemed novel has now become necessary to stay competitive. There is an increased demand for immersive media technologies as it lays the foundation for customer engagement in a virtual world where visitors are not restricted by physical boundaries. Companies are cloning their spaces online and their engagement is skyrocketing. The Bank of Japan now allows viewers to walk through the corridors of its century-old headquarters and hunt for treasures and schools in Australia are offering realistic virtual tours to students in China.

Virtual reality is the future of online engagement – it literally adds dimension to what you do. Experiences in 2D may be informative, but it does not hit you in the feels – where it really matters! As a marketing tool, virtual reality enables businesses to experiment with new approaches to connect with and engage customers. From 2020 onwards, a good marketing strategy should incorporate the right mix of virtual experiences if it wishes to maintain and enhance consumer interaction.

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What a 360 virtual tour is not?

A 360 virtual tour is not a video nor is it photographs put together in a slideshow. Since the focus is on providing an interactive experience, merely replicating the physical space without any engagement would miss the point. Walking into a virtual tour must be like walking into a showroom where expert consultants provide you with the right information at the right time. The reason this works is that sales consultants understand the sales funnel – awareness, decision, interest and action. Likewise, a virtual tour must prompt users with specific information or actions to move them further along in their sales journey, whether it is a how-to video, a prompt to make a booking, or a checkout link.

What is a 360 virtual tour?

A 360 virtual tour is a series of 360 photos that are stitched together to accurately replicate a physical space. Online users can move around as if they were there in person. For example, walking from one room to the next and looking from floor to ceiling. It gives the feeling that you are immersed in a space and can walk around like in real life.

While navigating through the space users are also able to interact with the various elements by zooming in to focus on items of interest or by clicking on them to reveal more information. This allows the user to choose where they want to go and what they want to look at, ultimately immersing them in a custom virtual experience.

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The benefits of 360 virtual tours

Virtual tours have the exact same benefits as a real tour – to increase sales through engagement. But, what is the value of customer engagement you may ask? Customer engagement is the emotional connection between a customer and a brand. It impacts brand loyalty and results in increased website traffic – more visits and more frequent returns. It also boosts visitor retention as users spend more time on your website and since user behaviour influences organic search rankings, your site becomes more noticeable online.

While higher user engagement literally brings in more sales, other benefits include offering customers 24/7 access to your location and/or services, which allows them to engage in their own time and at their own pace. You are also expanding your business beyond conventional geographical restrictions to reach a wider audience that was previously possible. This makes your business easier, safer and more convenient to visit.

Done well, a virtual tour will attract, engage and convert customers while you carry on with the everyday operations of your business. Forget passive income – make more sales in less time with virtual tours!

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Is a 360 tour a good fit for your business?

A 360 Virtual Tour is an online replica of a real tour. So if your company currently takes customers around your venue to either sell, teach or demonstrate something, a virtual tour will have the same outcome. By now you would have worked out the perfect way to start your tour, which route to use, what to say, how to say it, and when to say it. You have worked out the best way to connect with and be trusted by your customer. A virtual tour is an online clone of your best salesperson in action.

Tours generally fall into the following four categories:

Sales Tour is using your space to sell a service or product. Imagine a property broker showing clients a potential office, a principal convincing families they belong at his school or a salesman who knows which fridge will keep everybody in the family happy. This tour is about understanding what your customer needs and building a connection with them.

Experiential Tours simulate a real experience and create the feeling of being right there. For example, a school boarding house tour shows the new kids where to go (and not to go), while a health and safety officer is responsible to ensure all staff know what to do in an evacuation. If you were an oil rig worker, how cool would it be to explore your new home before you actually got there?

Training Tours are used to demonstrate the real world to students, like a job simulator. Imagine being able to walk through a factory and understand how the processes work before your first day on the job. These tours are more technical and can be watched on repeat.

Documenting Tours capture the state of a property at that particular moment in time for comparison at a later date. Property managers do a pre-rental and post-rental inspection tour to avoid disputes. Asset managers control the whereabouts of company assets by walking around their factories.

Essentially, a 3D virtual tour provides customers with guided access to property or facilities without having to book a viewing or visit in person. It also instils confidence in making a booking or sale as a 360 tour offers a realistic representation (and feel) of the space and service/product offering. 

What to expect from a 360 virtual tour?

Contrary to popular belief, virtual tours are not just about scanning your space and putting it up online. This is because the realistic walk-through element is only a part of the tours success.

Your aim is to have an increase in visits, leads and sales – ultimately revenue! To do this, it is vital to start by mapping your customer’s journey throughout the tour. It is a useful tool to understand how potential customers become aware of your offering and how to guide them along the sales funnel as they reach various touch points within the tour. It also builds consumers’ confidence that you are a market leader as you guide them to a conclusion in the decision-making process.

The customer journey must make sense and create natural connections between the visual space and the objects or activities the user chooses to engage with. When the flow is confusing, users tend to exit the tour before you have had a chance to make a lasting impact.

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